By: Erin Young (RVT, CPDT)

When we go on vacations so do our dogs! Taking a few moments to prepare your dog for their boarding stay will ensure that they have some comforts from home and that you don’t forget any essential items.

What To Pack

  1. Duffle bag. With their own bag you can begin packing a head of time, you can personalize it with a name tag and there will be ample pockets and room to pack their belongings.
  2. Food & Treats. It’s recommended to send your dog with their current food to avoid any gastrointestinal upsets and pack treats you have given your dog before.  Ensure you have packed enough food by premeasuring their feedings and sending a little extra just incase you extend your stay. Avoid sending them with chews or rawhides even if you give them at home.
  3. Bed. Bring a bed, mat or blanket, the smell from home will bring comfort to your dog at the end of a long day of playing. If you think your dog will turn it into a chew toy then stay on the side of caution and keep it at home. Other options are available such as cozy orthopaedic cots.
  4. Teddy. Most dogs have a favourite teddy or toy; pack this so that your dog can enjoy it during nap times.
  5. Medication. If your dog is on specific medication bring it in the original packaging the medication comes in.
  6. Emergency Contact. Whether it be someone to contact regarding an upset tummy or someone to send updates to, you should have an emergency contact on file that is close by, easy to contact and knows your dog.

Make The Most of Your Vacation

  1. Kong or IQ Game. Give your dog more mental stimulation during their stay with a stuff Kong or IQ Game. They will have so much fun trying to problem solve and conquer the game before them!
  2. Walk n Wag. Let your dog explore and have a change of scenery with a stroll to the park or down a trail.
  3. Play N Train. Imagine coming back from your vacation and your dog has learned a fun new trick, curbed a bad behaviour or has new obedience! There is never a better time to train than when your dog is physically exercised and they’re environment is consistent.
  4. Bed Time Story. At the end of a fun day playing with their friends, there is nothing like unwinding with cuddle time and a bedtime story. Choose from a selection of books that will have your dog sleepy in two shakes of your pups tail!

Pomeranian get bedtime story during dog boarding