“Lola was an 8 pound rescue when we got her and we had no idea what breed she was or how big she’d get. She grew very quickly and is fairly high energy. We decided to start bringing her to dog parks as an outlet for her energy since she seemed to be quite friendly with other dogs when we walked her. However the dog park was a different story. As soon as we walked through the gate she became very timid and when approached by other dogs she freaked out. Jumping on us or running and hiding.

We decided to try Dogtopia to socialize her. On the first day she was quite timid but after just a few visits she is a different dog! She plays non stop while she is there. And now that the weather is warmer we’ve started going to dog parks again and she loves it!! She’s much more confident and loves to run around and play with other dogs. She’s learned how to play and be a dog! We couldn’t be happier with the results. And between visits to Dogtopia and dog parks she gets the exercise she needs and is calmer at home.”