By: Victoria Morrison

This recipe is perfect for celebrating your dog’s birthday, dog training graduation or just to show them a little extra love. It hard to find good recipes with that perfect instagramable look when your cooking for your furry best friend, especially, if you want to keep the ingredients healthy and low in sugar. Where a lot of dog recipes call for food colouring, sprinkles and icing, there is another way. This pupcake is dog approved, nutritious, and just as beautiful as any human grade cake. This recipe is very simple in terms of baking, but be warned, it does take time if you want the layers to come out looking crystal clear.


What you’ll need:

* 1 Casserole dish/Cake Pan/Silicon Baking Mold

* 5 pouches or enough unflavored gelatine to make 10 cups of liquid gelatine.

* Low sodium chicken broth

* ¼ cup of Unflavoured plain yogurt

* Cut dog-safe fruit (pictured is blackberries, blueberries and strawberries)

* strawberry juice

So first let’s talk ingredients, the primary ingredient in this pupcake is gelatine. It’s important that you use baking gelatine and not a pre-made dessert package. When selecting a package, look for a single ingredient; gelatine. This will ensure that your pupcake does not include any flavours, fruits or preservatives that are not safe for dogs. Gelatine is made from cartilage, skin and bones so its perfect for an apex predator like the dog.

The fruit used in the recipe can be switched up for any dog safe fruit, just make sure to check your specific fruit blend is safe for dogs to eat. The juice used in the recipe was made by blending strawberries. Dogs have a different flavour pallet then us and aren’t accustomed to the sugar levels in human food so its better to prepare your own juice rather than use what’s in your fridge. This also ensures no toxic fruits, like grapes, sneak into your recipe.

The chicken broth used in this recipe should be low sodium and again you want to check the ingredient list for any ingredients that aren’t dog safe. The chicken broth is not visible any where in the cake and is used to flavour the gelatine, as gelatine doesn’t necessarily have a flavour. It also adds an enticing smell to the cake, which will encourage picky eaters. When adding the chicken broth for flavouring, make sure to not over do it, as it may change the colour of the gelatine.

Lastly the yogurt should be plain and unsweetened. Make sure to check it doesn’t have any harmful preservatives, extra sugar or flavouring that will make your pupcake unsafe or unhealthy. If your dog has issues with milk ingredients, you can find good unsweetened milk alternative yogurts. If you aren’t sure about an ingredient, be safe, do your research before adding it to your pupcake. You know your dog best, so keep to ingredients you know won’t upset your dog’s tummy, and don’t over serve your dog, or their friends.

Layer one: Prepare 2 cups of liquid gelatine. It may be different depending on what package your using, but for the gelatine I use this is done by adding one pouch to ¼ cup of water and then adding ¼ cup of boiling water and stir. Add a splash of chicken broth for flavouring. Pour into casserole dish, cake pan or silicon baking mold. Put in fridge and wait until solidified before going to the next layer.

Layer two: Place cut fruit pieces onto the first layer, remembering that the cake will be flipped over before being served, so place the most appealing side down against the first layer of gelatine. Prepare 4 cups of gelatine with another splash of chicken broth. Then pour the second layer of gelatine and broth to bury the fruit. Put back into the fridge and again, wait until solidified before going to the next layer.

Layer three: Prepare 2 cups of liquid gelatin, but this time substitute the cold water for plain unsweetened yogurt add boiling water and stir. Since this layer will be a different colour then the first two layers, its important to wait until the first two layers are solidified. I also found that you want to make sure that your white mixture isn’t too warm as this may re-liquified the first two layers and result in a cake that’s all one colour. Pour onto your first two layers. Place in fridge and wait for this layer to solidify.

Layer four: Prepare strawberry juice, made by blending real strawberries and use this to substitute for the ¼ cup of cold water, add ¼ cup boiling water two make the next two cups of liquid gelatine. Pour over layer three and refrigerate.

Last step: Once all layers are solidified, your pupcake is done. Flip over your dish, if it doesn’t flop out immediately don’t worry, you can place toothpicks in the sides to decrease the air tight seal around the dish and your cake should pop out in one piece. To dress up your cake serve with fresh dog safe fruits and don’t forget to take a lovely picture or two before your dog devours it.