Make sure the campsite is pet-friendly

You don’t want to go through all the hassle of packing and travelling to show up as a unwelcome guest. There are plenty of dog-friendly spots you can look up.

Pack everything your dog needs

We’ve all gone through the inconvenience of forgetting something important for a trip so we won’t want that for our dogs either. Some things to remember:

  • enough food
  • treats
  • bowls
  • toys
  • clothing: sweater, raincoat, booties
  • towel
  • bedding
  • any medication they might need

Have your dog on a flea, tick, and heartworm preventative

You don’t want risk your dog contracting a parasite. Dogs can get lyme disease from ticks so after a romp in the forest or at the end of the day, check them over for ticks.

Know your dog’s camping personality

Some dogs are explorers, others just like to laze by the campfire. Make sure you’re confident in your dog’s off leash manners. Recall training before hand is very important for any off leash dog as well as the “leave it” command. Be aware of your surrounds and make sure it’s safe for your pup. Don’t leave your dog unsupervised. Some dogs like to eat things they shouldn’t be eating!

Practise camping etiquette 

If your dog does their business anywhere other people might be trekking by, remember to pick it up. Carrying poop around might not always be convenient so you could also dig a hole and bury it. Keep your dog close to you at all times as to not disturb other campers.

Be prepared for an emergency

A lot of first aid for humans can be applied to dogs as well. Make sure any medication you might want to give your dog such as Benadryl is approved by your vet. The most common injury for dogs is on their paw pads. You can get special balms or boots for your dog at most pet stores.

Have fun!

Dogs love the great outdoors as much as we do! It’s refreshing, mentally stimulating, and a great bonding experience. Dogs make great hiking companions as well as night time cuddle buddies. A well prepared trip sets you up for a fun one!

By: Elizabeth Chim