new puppy what to do


First of all, congratulations on your new puppy! Bringing a puppy into your life is a fun and exciting time. Whatever you’ve been worrying about in life is about to get smothered by fur and little paws. It’s time to create a lot of memories, take more pictures that your phone can hold and have a new best friend!
Here are some tips to get you and your house puppy ready!

Days Before
In the days before your new pup arrives, sit down with yourself or family and outline the following:

  • Who is going to feed, exercise & potty break. When do these things happen?
  • What are the household rules & boundaries
  • What your vocabulary will be (sit, down, off,etc)
  • Find a training class with a certified trainer
  • Find a daycare to care for your pup while you are working, for socialization and exercise
  • Find a veterinarian to give your pup the best care
  • Find a groomer to maintain a specific breed cut or for bath times
  • Gather supplies need such as:
    • Food & bowls
    • Bed, crate & baby gate
    • Durable toys
    • Collar & leash
    • Cleaning supplies & poop bags
    • Grooming supplies
    • First aid supplies
  • Puppy proof your home to keep them safe and your house safe too! If you can’t watch your puppy, place them in their crate where they will be safe.

Bringing Puppy Home

Your new friend is finally home! Here are some tips to help you get off on the right paw!

  • Gather all the information you can from the pups previous care giver. What they ate, where they slept etc.
  • Don’t overwhelm your puppy on the first day visiting a lot of new people and places. There will be lots of time to do that, on their first day just focus on bonding with them.
  • Get into your new routine for exercise, feeding, napping and potty training.
  • Be consistent from the beginning. It can be tempting to sleep with your puppy, snuggle on the couch with them and let them jump on you but if this isn’t going to be a normal routine or adult behaviour then it isn’t recommended.
  • After exercise and bathroom breaks, follow your bedtime routine. It is normal for your pup to wake up once or twice throughout the night, when they whine take them for a potty break and straight back to bed. For that reason we recommend having your pup sleep in your room and in a crate where they will be safe and heard. For a good night sleep, try warming a blanket and stuffed toys in the dryer before bed time. Your pup will miss the warmth of their litter mates and this can help them sleep better.

The puppy days won’t last forever. Enjoy each good and bad day, take pictures and videos, and remember the good things you teach today will shape your dog’s future.