Bring your dog to work? That’s right! Dogtopia, the industry leader in dog daycare, boarding, and spa services has an immediate opening for an energetic, organized, business-minded individual that will assist in all areas of Dogtopia as a Rover. This role will be cross trained as a Canine Coach and Front Desk Coordinator. This person should love dogs and, upon successful completion of training, you can even bring YOUR dog to work with you! What a bonus!

What we offer: Let’s look at what Dogtopia does for you!

  • It’s always bring your dog to work day!
  • Education in basic dog obedience and training
  • Fun, dynamic team culture
  • Career progression based on performance
  • Additional certification programs available
  • Competitive wages with flexibility in scheduling
  • Learn key skills related to customer service, teamwork, or even sales!

Now that we have the fun out of the way let’s get into what you can offer us.

  • Jack of all trades
  • Support playroom staff with day to day task
  • Proper use of crate time and spray bottle
  • Able to perform meal prep with little or no guidance
  • Stores daycare and boarding belongings properly with correct labels
  • Ability to coach others with positive feedback and hold them accountable The rules by which we, as Dogtopians live by are:

We LOVE life unconditionally like a dog. We STAY loyal to our pack.

We CHASE the absolute highest standards of safety. We PLAY to our fullest potential.

We TREAT every day like It’s the Most Exciting Day Ever!

Clean and Safe Environment

  • To ensure our furry friends are always in a safe and clean environment we take pride in working as a team to get all the nitty gritty complete
    • Keeping playrooms clean of messes at all times
    • Cleaning may include, mopping, sweeping, trash, and water refill
    • Being proactive in making sure dogs are always in a clean and safe environment is key!

Health and Grooming

  • As a member of the team you will be taught how to bathe and nail clip when needed
  • Will learn how to identify dog breeds and behaviors
  • Report dog scuffles right when they occur for safe wound cleaning if needed
  • Work with team to assure our Quality of Care sets the standards for dog care

Customer Service and Presentation

  • Ability to work cohesively with their team in a respectful and professional manner
  • Knowledgeable on pricing and services
  • Strive for high customer review ratings by always smiling for the cameras and engaging in safe play!
  • ENJOY your team! GROW your team! And PLAY to your fullest potential

As the Rover you are responsible to work with all customers, furry friends and team members to ensure Dogtopia sets the highest standards and satisfaction of safety and fun.

Job Type: Full-time