Newmarket Pricing

Dog Daycare

Pay As You Go

1 Full Day $50
1/2 Day $37

up to 5 hours


1 Day/ Week $44
2 Days/ Week $76
3 Days/ Week $105
4 Days/ Week $132
5 Days/ Week $150

• The Best Rates
• VIP Perks
• Easy and Convenient weekly billing
• Pause up to 4 times/ year

Dog Boarding

Standard Boarding $35/night

This is only for the overnight portion, which must be coupled with daycare. Daycare is sold separately.

Suites available for additional cost/ night.

Dog Spa

Please contact us for pricing for our grooming services as it is dependent on breed, size and coat condition.


Please refer to our training section for a full list of programs and prices.
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