Fuel your pup’s pack instinct! Dog Daycare Members enjoy supervised dynamic group activities that stimulate social interaction, keep them physically fit and even tempered. 

Anytime of Year Reasons;

1. Quality of life for your pet:

Boredom and loneliness are real for dogs that are left alone for extended periods of time. Dog Daycare gives you puppy a nice change of scenery along with the mental and physical stimulation needed to enjoy life.

2. Dogs are Pack Animals:

The ability to socialize and play with other furry friends leads to both mental and physical interaction with like minded dogs.

3. Exercise:

A Dog Daycare facility that encourages free run and play for several hours of the day will keep your dog fit while burning off steam and having fun with other furry friends. An all-day or half-day of play at a dog daycare is more exercise than a one hour walk.

4. Temperament:

A well exercised and socialized puppy will be calmer and less likely to chase cars, tug on the lead or be wired at the end of your day compared to a stay at home pup.

5. Scheduling challenges:

Most Dog Daycares today offer extended hours to satisfy the demands of the busy lifestyles of Pet Parents. Early morning drop off, late pick ups and last minute daycare or boarding are all be part of the dog daycare facilities mandate to satisfy customers.

6. Safety:

A supervised Dog Daycare creates a safe environment for your Best Friend. A controlled environment keeps the little troubles and the big problems at bay. Choking hazards, aggressive behavior from other dogs, and the availability of clean drinking water at all times are some of the many safety controls available in daycare facilities.

During Lousy Weather Reasons;

7. Rain or shine, Sleet or Snow:

Regardless of the weather, indoor dog daycare facilities give your dogs a temperature-controlled environment. The better facilities use soft rubber flooring to mimic the feel of the outdoors and to be easier on joints.

8. Cleanliness:

A well managed Dog Daycare will send home your best friend in the same cleanliness condition as you brought them. No rainy day odour, no matted coat, no muddy pays or burrs.

9. Indoor supervision:

If the facility is indoors, there is no need for the supervisors to seek shelter and shorten the playtime of your dog. It’s perfect weather everyday!

10. Value:

Dog Daycare is actually great value when compared to a one hour walk, a destructive day at home, or your need to reschedule appointments or rush home. Some Dog Daycares now offer Membership Programs that make the booking for either daycare/boarding simple and grooming services can be reserved online as well.