New Pet Parent Info

We are excited to meet you!

If this is your furry friend’s first time at Dogtopia, there are a few things pet parents should prepare prior to rewarding your dog with the most exciting day ever! To begin, just follow these three easy steps:


  1. Call to schedule your first visit – this will include a Meet & Greet for the pet parents with a tour as well as an evaluation for your dog
  2. Prepare the enrollment forms. You can use the form here, print the forms and bring them with you
  3. Get Ready for Evaluation Day!



On evaluation day you will bring your dog(s) to the facility and it is very important to bring the dog on a leash or slip lead with a collar/harness when you enter the lobby. The evaluation process takes 20-30 minutes with our trained evaluator and your dog, in the playroom area. During this time, we would love to show you around and you can even watch the playroom cameras! If you have not completed the enrollment forms you can do that at this time as well.


  • Response to staff touch/interaction
  • Comfort level in a crate* or suite*
  • Reaction in “open play” setting with other dogs of varying size, breed, and temperament
  • Overall observations

The process is very easy and there is nothing to be nervous about at Dogtopia – we just want to get to know your dog better!


  • Enrollment form
  • Current vaccination records which must include Bordetella, DHPP/Parvo & Rabies
  • Your dog(s) on a leash with a collar or harness upon entry

Because dogs are a really big deal to us, Evaluation Day at Dogtopia is fun for the whole family – consider it an introduction to our open-play environment perfectly suited for your pup’s fitness and social life. In fact, don’t be surprised if your furry child meets his or her BFFF (best furry friend forever) while you’re here!

NOTE: Your dog must be at least 12 weeks old with boosters, rabies and Bordetella vaccinations. Dogs older than 7 months must be spayed or neutered in order to be in open play. There is a $15 fee for the evaluation.

*Crates & suites are used for rest, nap time, boarding, and feedings. We also use the boarding suites for non-spayed or non-neutered dogs.