Do you live in an apartment and have a four-legged furry roommate? If you do you may have spent more than a little time wondering (or stressing about) what your pup is up to all day while you’re at work. Or maybe you’ve come home to see exactly what your dog has been being doing while you’re gone- pantry raided, curtains clawed, neighbors complaining about barking.

We all know that dogs are a definite source of happiness. Just because you live in an apartment you don’t have to exclude yourself from the joy of owning a dog. But problems can develop from your dog having too much energy and nowhere to let it loose. A great option is dog daycare. Your pup will get all the exercise and socialization he or she needs in a safe, supervised, climate-controlled environment. And you won’t have to worry about potty breaks, ruined furniture and cranky neighbors.

Daycare has plenty of benefits for your pup:

-Socialization: Doggie daycare provides much needed interaction with other dogs and humans, which helps dogs learn how to act in other social settings like the dog park or when visitors come over.

-Exercise: Plenty of playtime enhances health and longevity, leaving dogs happy and relaxed. Dogtopia of Arcadia’s off-leash open play helps ensure pups get plenty of exercise.

-Education: At Dogtopia, our Canine Coaches teach dogs new tricks. We coach all dogs on every visit to ensure they live up to their full potential.

-Fun: In addition to daily playroom activity many dog daycares offer a variety of themed parties and special events. At Dogtopia one of our pup’s favorite events is a pool party with apple bobbing.

Wondering what your pup is up to all day at daycare? Our Dogtopia clients love the fact that they can watch their dog play all day. We have webcams in every playroom so you can check in on your pup via your smartphone, tablet or computer. You’ll never feel separated!

You can trust your pup will come home overjoyed- and probably overtired- after all the excitement of the day. And you’ll be happier and less stressed knowing your dog was well taken care of and had a blast meeting new friends and getting all that canine energy out. We’d love to meet you and your pup. Call us today to schedule a Meet & Greet- trust us, your dog will love you for it!