So you’re planning a summer vacation. Your trip is booked. Your plans are set. Now what about your furry family member? You’re probably looking for a home away from home for your pup while you’re out of town.

Pet boarding can be a great option for your pup. And if you choose the right facility they’ll get the care they need and have plenty of fun as well. If you haven’t boarded your dog before consider a facility that offers open play daycare along with boarding. That way your dog will get the freedom to run around all day with other dogs, offering plenty of much-needed exercise and socialization. At Dogtopia of Arcadia dogs enjoy 8-10 hours of open play daycare each day with a mid-day naptime and breaks, if they need them. By the end of the day your pup is ready for a great night’s sleep.

If your dog has never boarded before or attended daycare keep in mind that most facilities will require shots be up to date. At Dogtopia we require rabies, bordatella and DHPP. In addition we ask that all dogs come in for a Meet & Greet before they board or plan to attend daycare. This way we can assess your dog’s temperament and determine if our open play daycare format will be the right fit for your pet.

If you chose a facility that has open play you probably want to bring your pup in for daycare before a boarding stay. At Dogtopia we recommend at least one day of daycare prior to your dog’s overnight stay – three days of daycare is ideal – to allow your pup to get used to the facility and have a better overall experience. Your dog will become comfortable with our staff, and learn that you’ll be coming back to bring them home. It also gives our staff an opportunity to learn your pup’s personality and play preferences.

When you’re ready to board it’s helpful if you pack your pup’s food from home- sometimes an abrupt change in diet can cause stomach upset. You’ll also want to label the food container with the correct serving size. And if the facility allows it bring your dog’s bed or blanket- it helps to make them more comfortable and at ease when they have familiar items around.

Take the right steps and your dog will have the best staycation while you’re on your vacation. Call now to book your Meet & Greet and let our experts at Dogtopia of Arcadia take care of your pup while you’re away.