Meg Halaska & Diane HotzMeet the Team

Dogtopia of Miramar Owners Meg Halaska and Diane Hotz, both parents to pups who have attended daycare in the past, felt like they needed more dogs in their lives.

Meg continues to work part-time in the recovery room of a very busy trauma center as a San Diego Registered Nurse. Diane continues to be a dedicated high school science teacher, with 23 years of service for the Poway Unified School District.

They decided a life spent caring for dogs would be the perfect solution to creating a better work-life balance. They were attracted to Dogtopia’s focus on health, safety, and employee training and wanted to expand the franchise in the San Diego area.

Meg and Diane are actively involved with community service efforts. Both have collected money, food, bedding, and miscellaneous supplies for the Baja Animal Sanctuary. Diane is a monthly volunteer and active member of the Animal Rescue Reserves/San Diego Humane Society/SPCA. She is highly skilled in handling and rescuing a variety of animals, both domestic and wild. She is also the advisor for the Animal Rescue Club at her high school.

Diane and Meg are the proud parents of three rescue dogs, two rescue cats and three chickens (who supply them with fresh organic eggs!). In their free time, they enjoy time spent with family and friends, traveling, and the outdoors: hiking, scuba diving, swimming in the ocean (for Diane) and yoga (for Meg).

Diane and Meg are excited to offer Dogtopia’s outstanding care and services to dog owners in Miramar and the surrounding communities. They look forward to providing high quality boarding and daycare for many lucky dogs. They want their pet parents to feel happy and content, knowing their dogs are receiving the best care possible.


Chelsea Abrahamson


Our Dogtopia pups are always happy to see me and bring so much joy to me every day, I always find myself laughing or smiling throughout the day watching them. They all have their own silly and loving unique personalities! I like to spend time outside and adventure with my dog, cook a lot, and spend time with family and friends. My baby is a 2 year old German Shepard named Summer. Golden Retrievers are my favorite breed of dog. One of the most rewarding part of this job is seeing how happy the dogs and owners are everyday, seeing new dogs come out of their shells, and bonding with the dogs and owners.

Amanda English


Dogs are the purest beings on the planet, they love and love no matter what. They can always cheer me up if I'm having a bad day in any way. When I'm not at Dogtopia or hanging out with my own pup, I work in the music industry at a local music venue called Soma. I also love going to Disneyland whenever I get a chance! I have a two year old Chiweenie named Harley and a 12 year old Boxer named Cali. I love Dachshunds and Boxers, but any dog can steal my heart no matter the breed or the mix! I love the fact that dogs can come here to Dogtopia and just have fun in a safe environment. I also love watching new dogs that might have been slightly scared or unsure at first open up the more they visit and starting playing and having fun with their new friends; it's so heartwarming!

Adrianne Bailey

Canine Coach/Shift Leader

Bobbie Resnick

Canine Coach/Shift Leader

Sydney Filek

Canine Coach

Annie Hwang

Canine Coach/Shift Leader

Alicia Alatriste

Dog Massage and Healer

Alicia is a Certified Massage Therapist and Reconnection Healing Practitioner and can help assist dogs in their healing and well-being. Since I can recall I have always loved animals. I have always been very sensitive and attuned to animals, and because of that I decided to pursue this passion of mine. Animals seem to respond very well to my energy and I to theirs. The benefits of massage for pets extend far beyond the pampering, relaxation, and wonderful feelings. The medical benefits of massage are various and well documented, and can help with a variety of diseases, illnesses, and conditions, including mental health, as it affects all systems of the body. Alicia is here to help you pet with healing and well-being.

Mika Sakamoto



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