We are jumping for joy as we opened our doors on November 21st, 2019.

Dogtopia, the nation’s leading dog daycare, boarding and spa facility situated at Harbor Steps and next to the Four Seasons Hotel at 1300 Post Alley, this Dogtopia will be the first Downtown Seattle location.

The new location is thanks to a collaboration of entrepreneurs situated in the Seattle area, Frankie Lopez, Cassie Masters and Daniel Garcia. Overseeing the operation of the location, Lopez will serve as the business development manager, Masters as the Pet Parent Relationship Manager and Garcia will oversee day-to-day operations as the general manager.

Down the street from the iconic Pike Place Market, Dogtopia will serve the Seattle area including the 758 apartments in Harbor Steps. Located in the Northeast tower, the local Dogtopians strive to make every day the best day for dogs. Offering personalized care for the greater Seattle pups in a fun, safe and comfortable environment, Dogtopia sets the industry standard among dog daycares with its three key benefits: education, exercise and socialization.

To foster complete transparency, pet parents are walked through a detailed facility tour while their furry children are evaluated for Dogtopia’s open-play environment. Dogtopia employs webcam technology in each playroom that allows pet parents to check on their pups from anywhere.

“We’re thrilled to bring Dogtopia to the neighborhood and provide much-needed care for dogs in the area,” said Masters. “Our mission is to create the most exciting day ever for pups, while giving their parents peace of mind while they’re away. Instead of being left alone at home or in an isolated kennel environment, Dogtopia provides an opportunity for our furry children to meet new friends, get exercise, enjoy playtime and have quality human interaction while at daycare.”

Community pups will enjoy an open layout in three distinct playrooms which offer fun for dogs of similar size and temperament. Each playroom also has compressed rubber flooring to ease joints, prevent slipping and promote safer play, as well as a powerful HVAC system, with in-duct UV lighting, that not only funnels air out of the building to ensure clean, fresh air, but also eliminates bad bacteria. Every area is cleaned routinely and solely with dog-safe products. Dogtopia’s fees are all-inclusive – meals are prepared according to each pet parent’s direction.

“We understand the dogs in our care are more than just pets – they’re members of the family,” added Garcia. “Our employees are meticulously trained to take every measure possible to guarantee their comfort, safety and meet all of their needs.”

In addition to providing quality care in a healthy, safe and fun environment for local pups, Dogtopia launched the Dogtopia Foundation with the noble cause to enable dogs to positively change our world. The Foundation funds programs focused around three worthy causes: Services Dogs for Veterans, Youth Literacy Programs and Employment Initiatives for Adults with Autism. One hundred percent of funds raised are donated directly to supported organizations. To learn more, visit