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Harbor Steps Heroes Program

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When you become a member of our Dogtopia family, you and your pup become supporters of our noble cause, the Dogtopia Foundation. We believe dogs can positively change the world and want you to be a part of that.  Join us!


What is the Dogtopia Foundation?

The Dogtopia Foundation enables dogs to positively change our world by funding programs focused around three worthy causes: Service Dogs to Veterans, Youth Literacy Programs, and Employment Initiatives for Adults with Autism. 100% of every donation is given directly to the organizations the Dogtopia Foundation supports! Learn more at http://www.dogtopiafoundation.org/

How do I become a Dogtopia Hero, and what does it entail?

When you ask to become a Dogtopia Hero a $10 donation to our Foundation is added on to every daycare pass or package you purchase. When you first sign up for the program you will receive a Dogtopia Hero baseball cap, a Dogtopia Hero bandana, and Foundation Coins for our treat machine! Through the end of 2021, we are also including an extra day of daycare on every pass or package purchased for our Heroes Members!

How does this help Dogtopia of Harbor Steps? 

While the donations do go straight to the Dogtopia Foundation, we have a store goal of raising $6,000 to sponsor the purchase of a service dog for a Veteran! So far Dogtopia of Harbor Steps has raised enough to fund our first service dog! We are already on the road to funding our next service dog, and we need your help!