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On my last visit I was not happy with the grooming of Mandy. Her ears were not evenly cut, her eyes were still dirty, her face and beardette was horrible and cut longer on one side than the other. Her front legs were cut at her feet, however the majority of her fur was left on her front legs. Her underbelly looks like the same length as I brought her in for grooming. Her breath smelled just like I brought her in and I paid for brushing.

The groomer did say that Mandy resisted. That is very, very hard for me to believe; she is so calm and easy going. She cowers to strangers more, and gets scared. I told him that she just turned 10 years old and wondered if that was her age catching up on her.

It is quite expensive for my breed of dog to be groomed; with that being said I would like to get my monies worth for that grooming. This last visit; I did NOT get what it cost me.

It is so comforting to know the Dog Topia Team is caring for my dog as if he were there own! Also so appreciative of the services they offer onsite, extremely convenient and well worth it.

Atmosphere is clean and organized. Bella looks well taken care of. Workers are friendly and welcoming.

The greeting was great, and the staff welcomed Buddy and I with open arms as if we have been to the Springfield location before.

Dogs are well monitored and in safe environment.

Dog is happy and staff is friendly/happy.

Robbie always does a great cut in a timely manner on our dog. Bear loves Robbie and Dogtopia.

We love Dogtopia! Our golden retriever, Roofus, is a people person. We love knowing that the staff makes him feel loved and safe when he boards anytime we go out of town and can’t take him. I love watching him run around, tail always wagging, on the video feed with his best furry friends!

Friendliness of the staff Easy drop off and pick up Cameras to see my pup.

Amber Sutton and her awesome staff not only give 100% in the care of our dogs, but they take the time to know us, the owners. Love this team!!!

Dogtopia of Springfield

Dogtopia of Springfield offers dog daycare, boarding, spa services and training in our spacious, off-leash facility. Since November of 2012, we’ve provided dog parents with a safe and fun place to leave their dog or pamper their pup.

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