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Westchase dog training


Any specific behavioral issue you would like to address, or skill(s) that you would like your canine companion to learn? Our one on one training program is completely customizable to meet you and your dog’s needs

Basic Manners: 6 WEEKS $129
ADVANCED OBEDIENCE CLASS: 7 WEEKS $129, (Canine Citizen Test Optional + $30)
TRICK CLASS: 6 WEEKS: $149, (Title Optional + $20)

I like that they get to know me for me here. I'm more than just a really ridiculously adorable face.

At Dogtopia of Westchase, we believe that training classes with your canine companion are a great first step in developing a lifelong relationship with your dog. Our methods are based on humane principles and all classes are taught using positive training methods. Pet parents will learn proven, gentle, positive techniques to help communicate with their dog and understand them better.

We have a wide range of classes to meet your needs, from puppy, obedience, agility, and trick classes, to customizable private classes where we can teach your dog specific skills or train your pup for you. Just pick a program and leave the rest to us. Our classes run continually all year long.


Basic Manners
Obedience skills for real life! This class is for dogs over 12 weeks of age who have not yet had the benefit of classes, or for older dogs who just need a refresher. Your dog will willingly learn his place in your “pack” as you demonstrate positive leadership in teaching him the basic manners necessary to share your life. We will teach you to train your dog to sit, down, stand, wait, stay, come when called, leave it, and walk nicely on a leash.

Advanced Obedience
This is the class that will help you polish the skills you and your dog learned in the Basic Manners Class. We will also add such things as heeling off leash, drop on recall, speeding up your dog’s response to a command, and longer sit stays and down stays. Emphasis will be on the 3 D’s…distance, duration, and distraction. Candidates for this class should have a solid stay, good focus on the handler, and have graduated from a basic obedience class.

Trick Training Classes
Your dog will be the coolest pup on the block! In Trick Training they will learn cool tricks that you can show off to all your friends. Great for focus training, building communication and developing a better bond.

Fun Agility
Agility Foundation training will teach your dog to focus and be attentive while other dogs are moving, playing or running. You will work with your dog to perfect the stay and recall work that is required for the Beginner Agility class. You will learn basic groundwork such as how to cue your dog to move and turn with you. Clicker training will be introduced and explained.

Dogs in this class will not be working on all the pieces of equipment but will become familiar with obstacles designed to promote balance and coordination skills. The Foundation Class will create an even stronger working relationship between dog and handler and will incorporate fun “training games” to promote learning through play. Have fun with your dog while teaching the basics of the sport of Agility.

Bischon Frise Running in Dogtopia
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