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A Couple Takes a Chance On a Rescue Dog

Like our previous three dogs, Violet is a rescue. She came to us — though “came” is an inaccurate term, we actually went in search for her, if not her specifically, then certainly a dog to fill the emptiness after the loss of her immediate predecessor, Gidget, a golden retriever we adopted from our local golden retriever rescue who saved from the mean streets of Taiwan and certain death.

In late October of 2019, we had arrived in North Carolina from Los Angeles when Gidget suddenly passed from kidney failure. Her loss hurt in ways words fail to explain. That pain took some time to ease, but around the New Year we began to think about adopting again.

Our search began with various rescues which specialized in golden retrievers. Much to our disappointment, that process was beyond frustrating and we eventually sought out other sources until we landed on Pet Finder and saw a photo of Violet, who, at the time, was named “Goldie” by the rescue, and also provided a photo of a golden retriever puppy for us to see. We inquired about the dog from the rescue and were offered the opportunity for a meet and greet at the foster’s home.

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On arriving at the foster’s home, we then discovered that the dog we had gone to see was the farthest thing from a golden retriever that there could be.

Goldie (or Violet as we would come to call her) was (and is at times) a dog almost totally absent self-discipline and had behavior issues. She was energetic, not housebroken, and very protective of herself. She decided whether or not you were worth her trouble. In other words, she would be a “project” dog, yet there was something special about here, a warmth and desire to be loved.

At home, Laura and I talked it over and we decided to take a chance on Violet. First the rescue suggested we foster – they apparently couldn’t decide on her history or didn’t know it and made up one in order to sell future adopters on her adoption – to see what we would accept from her behavior. We did this and realized quickly that Violet would try our patience every chance she could.

Weeks and weeks would go by and Violet would try our patience time and time again. But what we would discover about Violet is this: all she wants is love. She likes to nip at our heels to gain attention (though this behavior has abated somewhat as she has discovered that we won’t ever abandon her and that we love her without limits), she loves to play with select dogs and certain toys – she likes toys which are interactive (ones which move and make noise). Violet loves to stay close – she loves to lay on people – and to be touched. She’s not much of a barker, except when playing with other dogs. She is smart and a quick learner, but somewhat stubborn when it comes to wanting attention. She isn’t hesitant to exhibit “bad” behavior to get that much needed attention. Overall Violet is sweet, loving, devoted and comfortable with us and those with whom she likes.

Violet loves Dogtopia and “talks” to us whenever she realizes that she’s going there to see her friends. Dogtopia has done more to mellow Violet than any other thing we have done for her.

We love Violet and she us.

-Jake and Laura