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A Dog Sensed His Pet Parent Was In Trouble

On May 2, 2020 I was taking Kohl for a walk, on the way back home I started to not feel well. We got home and things seemed they were getting worse, Kohl was looking at me with concern and was barking at me, which he hasn’t done since being bell trained to go potty. I decided to get in the shower because I was having difficulty breathing and thought a hot shower would help open up my airway with the steam. Upon getting out of the shower I felt worse, again Kohl was barking at me. My breathing was getting more difficult and now I’m thinking I have Covid seeing as how it was at the height of it and I was working all along. Things kept escalating and I ended calling the rescue who took me to the hospital where upon my arrival I was told that I was having a heart attack.

Paul Bento and his Kohl

I was escorted into surgery for a blockage and spent two days in ICU afterwards. My first thought when all was done was how Kohl somehow knew something was wrong that day, when the cardiologists came in to see me my first question was, “Will I be able to take my dog for a walk when I leave here?”

I felt I owed Kohl some nice walks. While I was in the hospital, my wife was telling me how Kohl was moping around without me being there. When I finally came home, he loved me up as if I’d been gone for weeks and it was only three days. That night we went on a nice leisurely walk and the whole time I spent recovering Kohl was always at my side.

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I think he was a physical therapist of sorts; we’d take walks daily as I slowly built up my strength. I’m grateful to have had Kohl around. We now take daily walks and we always go to the dog park so he can play with friends. I also enrolled him in daycare so he gets extra play time with friends and to think I didn’t want to get a dog until my kids were older so they’d be able to care for a pet, but I’m sure glad he’s around and I love him to death.

One year later, I’m in good health now and Kohl’s as happy as can be. He’ll be getting a little sister to play with this week, we’re getting another Labrador. That’s my story of how Kohl has impacted my life. I’m also much calmer now too.

-Paul B.