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A Second Dog Fits in Perfectly with a Family

Here is the story of King’s adoption. I love bigger dogs, so when I first saw the video of him in the shelter run jumping up to say hello to the person filming, I was intrigued by his size. I then decided to look at his bio and his picture had me wanting to adopt him even before reading his history. I thought and still think he is one of the most handsome dogs I have ever seen and I love that he has shepherd in him as my other dogs have as well.


I submitted an application knowing that someone else was going to grab him based on his looks if I didn’t do it immediately. The application was submitted midweek and I requested to meet him over the weekend so I could think long and hard if it was the right timing for a 2nd dog. The timing being during COVID I knew that I had to make a decision the day I met him so I wanted to be absolutely sure of my decision, and I knew once I met him there was no way I wouldn’t want to bring him home with me.

Everything felt like fate with King. The application process was easy, the meet and greet with myself and King as well as with Dutchess and King went flawlessly. I was more than impressed with both him and the Montgomery County Humane Society. The day I adopted King was a special day because not only did I pick King, but he picked me too (as well as Dutchess and my father who accompanied me to the adoption). He was warm and inviting and felt like part of the family from the second he came out of the door to meet us.

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I chose the name King because I have always gone with royalty names when naming my dogs and I figured I would continue with the theme. It also was a perfect fit for him because of his large size and his large personality.

-Kimberly T.