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An 81-Year-Old Was Looking for a Cat…And Then Met Poppy

My precious girls (a Springer and a Cockerpoo) left for dog heaven at ages 15 and 15.5 years of age. All my family is in California, so at age 81, I was all alone. My doctor suggested I get a “warm body” in my home to love. I decided a kitty would be best; so my search began. While visiting the San Antonio Humane Society again and again not finding a kitty, the manager asked me if I’d settle for a dog. I said, “Not at this time”. She then asked, “Will you meet a pup”? Well, of course I would.


They had him stashed in their Puppy Palace, ostensibly “waiting for the right person” to come along. He had been surrendered by his owners at age 12. 5 years old with a badly infected mouth and a #6 heart murmur. They made the decision to pull his teeth. I’ve read his medical report — wow, is all I have to say. In the meantime, Rex had become the staff favorite.

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It was love at 1st wiggle. Our meeting was definitely a “God Thing”. I had been feeding my pups Better In The Raw for around 10 years so soft food wasn’t an issue. Now, minus 1.5 lbs and a Hawthorn Berry supplement, the murmur is a #2. Alas, the infected teeth did damage his heart.😪 We’re going to beat this naturally🙏.

Renamed Poppy Sanders, Esq., he is the best bed buddy ever. 🥰  He’s my 12.5 yr old, 10 lb, toothless, chunk of love. He goes everywhere with me. Poppy is my co-pilot.😊