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Dig Dog Lovers

Single dog-people already see each other as more confident, social and willing to commit. So what can help you stand out when trying to pick one up?! Dog-related pickup lines, of course!

Here are 25 dog-related pickup lines to try out on Dig – The Dog Person’s Dating App…or even in the Dogtopia lobby for the truly brave!

  1. You up for Netflix and heel?
  2. Looks like I can bid bad dates fur-well!
  3. We could be the newest paw-er couple!
  4. Would you say a date with me isn’t far-fetched?
  5. My dog is open to becoming “our” dog.
  6. I’m looking for someone who likes long romantic walks off-leash.
  7. I’m into more than just chasing tail.
  8. No matter what, I’m not responsible for the pupternity test.
  9. I think we’ve got pet-tential.
  10. I hope I’m barking up the right tree!
  11. Dating up until now has been ruff!
  12. Have you ever dated doggy style?
  13. Your doghouse or mine?
  14. I chews you!
  15. Looks like I finally found someone droolworthy!
  16. Broken heart? I know how to heel.
  17. They always said I’d find someone when I leashed expected it.
Dig App Preview

Breed specific:

  1. Wanna French?
  2. You’re the best catch in New Yorkie!
  3. Not going on a date with you would be a pittie.
  4. Before meeting you, the puggle was real.
  5. I’ve been looking for somepawdy like you, I shih-tzu not!
  6. Single a while, too? Don’t terrier-self up about it!
  7. When I get to your place, I’ll give you a collie?

Also, why should you be dating a dog person? Dig – The Dog Person’s Dating App says there are 7 reasons why dog-lovers are ideal partners!

Founded in 2018, Dig is the first dating app dedicated to dog-lovers looking for love of the human kind. Dig daters can find and connect with each other through messaging and video chat directly on the app, get dog-friendly deals from local pet companies, stay up to date on dog-focused events, and learn tips and tricks from vets and trainers. Dig is available on the App Store and on Google Play. To learn more, visit