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Finding Love Again Post-Divorce

After my divorce and being back on my own for a year, I longed for some love in my life (not of the human persuasion!). I reached out to a family of breeders looking for a small pup that could be comfortable in my condo. On April 5th, 2020, Ziggy picked me, and my life has forever been changed by her love for me and my love for her.

She is my angel and is always by my side. Because I work from home, I have ample opportunity to play with her, go on long wellness walks and enjoy her playing with soccer balls in the summer and jumping through the snow on a new snow fall.

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I introduced Ziggy to Dogtopia at three months old. That way she could learn to socialize and be independent of mum. The staff there are absolutely wonderful and I wouldn’t trust anyone else with Ziggy. Dogtopia is a safe and clean environment and the coaches are deeply caring and dedicates. They treat her and love her like their own pup and have taught her structured play and other socialization skills.

Having her at daycare has balanced out her life and she now is so excited to go multiple times a week for her play dates. I tend to watch her play on the webcam and smile with delight as she wrestles with other dogs bigger than herself! I have also used the grooming services and she looked utterly beautiful! I am grateful for Dogtopia and staff, I cannot say enough about how they make me and Ziggy feel like family.

-Michelle Bilek, aka Ziggy’s Mom