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Long-Lost Brothers Reunited at Dogtopia

Long-lost brothers reunited at Dogtopia of Rocklin! Check out the big discovery that was made during playtime last week, as told by the families of Alfie and Jasper:

From Alfie’s Family:

My husband and I decided to get a puppy after our two girl dogs passed away. It was a tough decision but we decided our hearts were big enough to love our two girls and another puppy without tarnishing their memory, and most importantly, there are so many dogs in need of a loving home. When I made the appointment with the rescue organization to meet and pick up our new addition, little Alfie, they informed me Alfie had a brother who also was in need of adoption. As I held both puppies in my arms, I fell in love, how could I possibly choose one or separate these brothers? I remembered how much fun our girls had running around and playing with each other. But I knew from experience how much attention an 8-week old puppy required, and I knew my husband and I would be taxed beyond our ability with two puppies. I told the adoption representative that I would take Alfie home, but if his brother was not adopted within two weeks my husband and I would adopt the second pup. The adoption representative assured me Alfie’s brother would be adopted without a doubt. While I was relieved, since that day I could never shake the feeling that I had deprived little Alfie of a lifetime of brotherly companionship.

Jasper and Alfie

Fast forward 1 year, my husband and frequently take Alfie to Dogtopia in Rocklin for “play group.” Dogtopia has been such a wonderful outlet for Alfie’s endless puppy energy. While waiting to pick up Alfie from play group, my husband frequently heard about the wonderful time Alfie and Jasper had playing together each day. My husband grew curious and asked about Jasper. As it turned out, they were similar in breed- both heeler/ Australian cattle dogs. On a whim, my husband asked how old Jasper is, and as it turns out, the puppies were close in age. Leaning in to his growing suspicion, Ted asked Dogtopia Owner, Diane Foos, if Jasper’s parents would be willing to share where they adopted Jasper. Diane was very obliging, and we discovered the puppies were adopted by the same agency! My husband and Jasper’s parents continued passing messages through Dogtopia and we determined the puppies were in fact brothers! We arranged a meeting at Dogtopia, and as soon as I saw Jasper, I recognized him immediately! We exchanged contact information and we are looking forward to many play dates ahead! We are so thankful to Dogtopia of Rocklin and their amazing staff who not only take great care of Alfie, but took initiative in helping us reunite him with his brother!

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From Jasper’s Family:

When we adopted Jasper, we were aware of others in his litter. But we never thought he would become best friends with his own brother at Dogtopia a year later! Jasper and Alfie have the same play style and energy level… must run in the family! We are thankful to Dogtopia and Alfie’s pet-parents for being so nice and making this reunion happen for our fur-babies!

Congratulations to reunited brothers Alfie and Jasper, and their adoptive families! We are so glad you found each other and are thrilled to watch you play and grow each day together, at Dogtopia!