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She Planned To Get One Dog. She Came Home with Two

My 16 yr old medical alert dog had just passed away in April and I swore I wasn’t ready for another dog when my daughter sent me a photo of a litter of Australian Shepherds that she’d just helped deliver at work. The owner was looking for homes for the pups and I agreed to go look at them to appease my daughter. The first one that I laid eyes on looked identical to my black and white border collie that had just passed except she had been the sweet, quiet runt and this hefty pup was twice the size of his siblings and very vocal! We all agreed that it felt like our sweet girl had sent this pup to us.

As we visited him, we noticed that he was always snuggled up with one of the other blue and gray Merle pups. They definitely ran the roost together! Several weeks later we took them both home! At the time, I had been working from home for ten years and looked forward to the company, as it gets very quiet.

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They hadn’t even been home for two weeks when I lost my job out of the blue. I took it as a blessing and used my free time to start training them, but soon Covid hit and depression started to set in. My husband worked in another state through the week and my oldest had just moved off to college. There were times when my 14 yr old and I wouldn’t leave the house for weeks at a time.

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But our sweet pups always needed us. They got me out of bed at 8:30 every morning. They made sure I was out of my pajamas for trips outside to potty during the day. But most of all, they made us smile when we felt like things couldn’t get worse. They snuggled with us when we felt alone. I truly believe that my old border collie knew what was coming and she sent these little guys to take care of us!

-Michelle H