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Tootsie Pop

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Kathleen and her dog Tootsie Pop started going to Dogtopia of Fredericksburg, Virginia in 2015. Tootsie is a terrier mix and she was 8 years old when she started attending dog daycare. In speaking with Kathleen, the team told her how much they liked Tootsie Pop’s name – she joked that her late husband liked the name because he could finally call a woman “Toots”! Kathleen is retired, but wanted daycare for Tootsie because of Tootsie’s separation anxiety. Kathleen’s hobby is quilting and she has a beautiful work area in her home. When Kathleen tries to work, Tootsie likes to “help” which isn’t always so helpful! Kathleen has generously donated 4 quilts over the last few years for us to raffle for the Dogtopia Foundation. Tootsie knows all types of tricks and loves to demonstrate them for the Canine Coaches.