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4413 Whipple Ave N.W., Canton, Ohio 44718

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I really like this service. My dog is very shy but after 4 stays at the Belden-Canton Dogtopia, I saw him on the webcam, starting to wag his tail and following Ava around (who he seems to have taken a liking to).
But, I would like to see some way to verify an owner when picking up a dog. Either manually with an ID or with the App- similar to how you can check in on an App before going to get your hair cut. This way you can confirm the person picking up the dog is the right person.

Leo loves to play with all of his friends at Dogtopia! He is always excited to go to Dogtopia!!! It has helped Leo behave and know how to act around other dogs!

The friendly staff and convenience of schedule.

The staff was courteous and friendly

Attention that we receive and care towards my two puppies.

Staff shows you all facilities, very clean monitored daycare available for days, and nice suites available for larger dogs or two small to medium size dogs that do better together.

We have looked around and thus is the “Hilton Grand” of overnight dog care!

My dogs love it at dogtopia…the girls are so sweet too


The staff was great!

The staff is excellent! Facility looks clean, my dog loves going!

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