Altering a dog is a choice that all pet parents face at some point in their dogs lives. To neuter, or not to neuter? That is the quesiton.

If your male dog is intact and past 7 months, they may experience other dogs picking on them in parks, at daycares, during open play, or in social situations.

Today, some pet parents consider a vasectomy for a male dog in lieu of a neuter. What’s the difference?

A canine vasectomy or testicular tubal ligation is a surgical procedure that leaves the
reproductive organs intact while blocking the means of reproduction. After a vasectomy the
testes continue to produce testosterone, which means that he will continue to have the same
behavior characteristics of an unaltered male dog.

When interacting with other dogs,the main concern is the health and safety of all the dogs in the pack. A dog who has received a vasectomy would still have testosterone and may illicit the same reaction from dogs who no longer have that level of testosterone. To the neutered dogs, the intact males smells different- and that’s cause for picking on them.

At Dogtopia of Bloor West Village, we are focused on the health and safety of all the dogs that come into open play with us. Our main reason for requiring dogs to be altered is to reduce the potential levels of aggression that testosterone can create. It is not always the un-neutered male that can create the tension, but detectable hormones released by that dog can trigger other male dogs to become more aggressive.