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4.9 Star Rating - 17 reviews

Friendly staff
Very clean
My dog said he had a blast! Which is all I need to hear
Ease of drop off and pick up

I liked they knew my name and my dogs name on the first day. I also like the idea of doing events, themes and pictures so I know my dog is not just let loose with a bunch of other dogs all day.

Everyone was super friendly and we’re excited to go back!

Friendliness of staff and convenience!

I love the friendliness of the staff, the ability to watch my dog during the day on the app and see how much fun he is having, the pictures and notes the staff send home with us 🙂

Everyone we have met from the moment we walked in has been friendly and informative and clearly loves dogs.

You really care about my fur babies and the extra attention given helps me to relax knowing that my babies are well taken care of while I am working. All the staff are well educated and try to accommodate all of our needs.

The most reliable and safe place for my fur baby.Exceptionally clean and great place for my baby to learn right socialization skills.

My spouse and I researched a total of 6 different dog daycare centers, and narrowed it down to 4 to visit. We were most impressed with the attention to safety and with the enthusiasm and attention to detail of the staff at Dogtopia. We have two very high energy dogs that are new to this kind of environment and I appreciate the time they took in assessing and introducing our dogs to the free play environment. I know that every dog is different and has different needs, and I recognize that this is also a priority at Dogtopia.

The only concern I had, and one that I am still mulling over, is how the encounter ended. First I want to make it clear that I perceive the staff as very generous and caring. I was under the impression that it was common practice to keep a dog being assessed in the daycare environment for a period of several hours to acclimate and settle. After being there close to an hour and a half both of my dogs were brought back out to me. The nature of my confusion is not necessarily related to them not being allowed to stay, which I understand. As high energy dogs the staff expressed to me that they wanted their introduction to be as positive as possible and that they seemed to be a bit overwhelmed by the encounter. Again, I appreciate that they were sensitive enough to the needs of my dogs to see that. My concern is that the staff did not really address a clear outcome. I am unsure whether my dogs are allowed to come back, or whether the staff will reach out to me to recommend a better time for a second assessment. Since this is a new location where not all areas of play are opened there was some suggestion that once they have more spaces running I might bring my dogs back for a second assessment, but this was unclear and never explicitly stated.

Additionally, since this is a new experience for us and our dogs I am unsure about whether daycare is a viable option for my dogs now. The staff took very detailed records about their socialization history, which has been extensive, but which cannot always account for their behavior in new environments. I did not get a chance to speak in depth with the individual who ran the assessment either and feel a bit dissatisfied with the unclear outcome. Overall, I would have to say I am confused and discouraged. I hope to have a conversation about how to move forward from here.

Love the webcam!

The web cameras and ability to check in on the dogs is great and fun. I love the ease of drop off and pick up. There is covered parking always available and the process is quick. My pup loves the daycare and she expends energy instead of saving it up all day.

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