dog boarding commerce mi

Winter in Michigan is brutal and long –  because of this, it’s one of the prime times residents choose to get out of town, traveling to warmer, sunnier areas.  If you’re in the same boat and are planning a vacation, you’ll be thrilled to find out that Dogtopia dog boarding in Commerce will soon be available!

Even though we’ve been light on snow thus far, we’re rapidly approaching the time of year when plans are made to get out of the snow and onto a nice warm beach. For many pet owners, they’re faced with the tough decision of what to do with their beloved family member, their dog, during their time away.  In Commerce, you have a few well-known options already- but wouldn’t it be wonderful if you have an AFFORDABLE, conveniently located option where you could regularly take your dog for doggy daycare as well as dog boarding?? When you book dog boarding with Dogtopia, you’ll have the peace of mind that your dog is being treated like family, and you can check in on your pup at any time with our convenient web cams located in all of our open-play spaces. Dogs that board with Dogtopia of Commerce will sleep in a crate like they probably do at home, which again means you can peek in on them through our webcams unlike some other institutions in the area.

Doesn’t your dog deserve a vacation as much as you? Dog boarding at Dogtopia is a getaway for your dog, with none of the stress associated with boarding at a vet or large dog boarding kennel. Because we limit the number of dogs we take in, we’re able to give individualized attention to your dog, making us ideal for pet parents who have special needs pups.

To ensure the safety of all of our guests, Dogtopia of Commerce team members will need to have a scheduled meet and greet each dog to ensure they’re a good fit for our open play environment. The open-play environment gives your pup a chance to play while providing individual care and attention, and gives them much needed exercise and socialization while you’re away.

When it’s time to get away, know that our Dogtopia locations are all conveniently located in areas that you can get to as you travel to the airport. If you act fast, you’ll be first in line for a tour of our Dogtopia of Commerce facility when it opens in early 2016. Those who tour our facility early and become customers are going to be first in line be able to receive dog day care services and dog boarding.