doggie day care near me commerce twp mi

doggie day care near me commerce twp mi
Rylee is soaking up some sun on our soft clean grass this afternoon <3 Doggie day care near you is a wonderful choice for you or your pup!

Why You Should Be Looking for Doggie Day Care Near You

You love your dog, and your dog loves you.  As a good pet parent, you want to provide the very best for them. That’s why doggie day care is such a great choice for pet parents! Here are five reasons why you might consider sending a dog to doggie day care.

1. Exercise & Doggie Socialization

Daycare provides the dog with play times throughout the day to express normal doggie behavior. Dogs who play at our open play doggie day care get to meet other dogs and properly socialize as a dog. Instead of endless play, our doggie day care provides structured play time paired with sufficient down time for dogs to rest and relax.

2. Socialization with People

Dogs who are people oriented love Dogtopia because they’ll see new human faces throughout the day. Our room attendants will interact with your pup during the day, which helps nervous dogs learn more about proper people interaction as well. Much better than the sadness or anxiety your dog might feel home alone!

3. Safe Playtime

Play between dogs can look scary, and yet be normal. Likewise, an inexperienced onlooker might not notice the signs pointing to dangerous escalation during play. Our room attendants know dog body language and are able to manage the room of dogs appropriately, keeping everyone safe.

4. No More Boredom

Some owners leave their pup crated during the day while they are away. There’s nothing wrong with that.  However, some dogs simply don’t do well in a crate for long periods of time, and might destroy bedding and toys, possibly even hurting themselves.  Likewise, leaving your dog outside of a crate might be a poor choice, as there’s nobody to monitor them. A safe and smart compromise is doggie day care, where owners can drop off days for a day or stimulating play, and can even check in on them via our webcams!

5. Perfect For Busy Owners

Careers can be demanding, and there’s nothing worse than feeling guilty when you spend too much time away from your pup. Day care is a great choice for busy pet parents because you can rest assured that your dog is happy and taken care of while you’re away.

It is essential to take the dog’s personality and temperament in to consideration when deciding if doggie day care is right for your dog. That’s why it’s so crucial that we schedule a meet & greet where you can tour our dog kennel and we can evaluate your dog to see if they’ll enjoy our open play doggie day care.  Contact us today to schedule a tour!