large dog boarding services

In short:  maybe.  Dogs of different sizes sometimes have unique needs- but it depends on the dog!  Special needs require special dog boarding.

Large dog breeds tend to prefer playing with other large dogs.  Again, this all depends on the dog. Sometimes senior dogs or less social dogs like to ‘hang out’ with dogs that are smaller than them.  If that makes them feel comfortable and happy, that’s great! Large dogs also need larger dog kennels for overnight stays, to give them a little extra room to sprawl. Large dogs also tend to play a little rougher, but again, that’s entirely dependent on the dog and their play style. That’s why it’s so critical to have your dog stay for dog boarding at a place that evaluates them on size, play style, and temperament.

Look at how much fun these medium and large breed dogs are having together -they were playing in our Gym room, based on their play style and size.

large dog boarding services
Husky dogs and boxers tend to play with higher energy levels and need room to run!
Dogs who tend to ‘get up in your face’ play well with other dogs that enjoy that style. Some dogs prefer a more subdued play style.


Toy breeds and smaller dogs tend to prefer playing with dogs of their own size, although every once and awhile there’s one who really likes playing with bigger dogs!  We assess little dogs the same way we assess large and medium size dogs, and place them accordingly. If your pup has a larger than life personality, we can make sure they play to their hearts content with dogs of a similar mindset! If your little dog is more sensitive or is fragile, they’ll play in a more subdued room with other dogs of a similar style.  Our Toybox room is always full of happy pups playing together!

Dogs in the Toybox room really enjoyed a special day of play where they could play around with ice cubes- a treat in the summer!
Small dogs and medium dogs mix when it makes sense according to their play style.



Do you think your dog would like to play with other dogs during day care and boarding?  Call us today and we’ll schedule a time for you to come in with your pup to see if they’ll enjoy the Dogtopia experience!