dog boarding near you commerce twp mi

When you’re looking for dog boarding near you, there are several important factors to consider beyond location. Our new Commerce Township facility is conveniently located at 3050 Union Lake Rd #7A Commerce Township, MI 48382 in the lovely Commerce Towne Center Shopping Center. But, what do we have to offer that surpasses our competition and makes us the best doggy daycare and dog boarding facility around?

When you first walk into our Commerce dog daycare, you’ll be struck by our design overhaul. Our lobby is spacious with a central desk where you’ll check in, and if you move to the left you’ll be able to see into one of our dog daycare play rooms. This is a fundamental shift from most boarding facilities and other doggy daycare groups.  We wanted to include this windows in adherence with our vision of complete transparency, allowing you to see how dogs naturally act at our facility and demonstrate our open-play concept for everyone to see. In addition, you’ll be able to feel the sample of our antimicrobial rubberized flooring while seeing it in use in the playroom.  We felt that this extra step was important, particularly for those with young or old dogs, to help you see the lengths we go to to prevent damage to growing dogs or soreness for older pups. Most daycare and boarding facilities use concrete in their play rooms, which is hard on the bones and joints of dogs at play.

All of our dog boarding guests are able to partake of our open play doggy daycare. This rounds out the experience of boarding for your pup, turning an otherwise potentially stressful event into a fun day of play while away from home. Your dog will be free to safely socialize and exercise while staying with us.

Our dog boarding guests will enjoy our private suites, situated directly across the hall from our play rooms. These suites allow your dog to relax privately, enjoying the comfort of their own bed and toys that you bring from home. For dogs who enjoy private time, suites are a treat! This is a huge step away from the conventional model of dog boarding in long runs, with dogs spitting distance from each other. Our model of dog boarding decreases stress responses from dogs seeing one another and barking in frustration like they do at run of the mill kennels.

When your pup has finished their stay with us, a quick call to our attentive front office staff can be the start of a quick spa experience for your pup before pick up! Our team will be happy to bathe and dry your dog ahead of your arrival, so when Fido hops in the car with you he’s smelling fresh and clean!

If you have an upcoming vacation or trip, call us today at 248-366-3066 to take a tour of our facility and schedule a meet & greet for your dog.  During your meet & greet we’ll see if your pup would enjoy the Dogtopia experience, and if so, we’ll be able to get your dog boarding scheduled right away. Hurry – spots fill up quick!