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Is there anything quite as fun as a dog that LOVES water?  Certain breeds, like Golden Retrievers and Labradors, are known for loving pools, stream, and lakes- basically, anything to splash around in!  Can you imagine how disappointed those breeds would be if they were stuck at a doggy day care that just had hot, barren outdoor play areas?

Well, they’re in luck if they come to Dogtopia! At Dogtopia, on hot days we break out the puppy pool and get to splashing!  Water loving breeds love our dog pool party, and when the temperature rises all of our dogs like the cool down after a day of play.  We use a kiddie sized pool under careful supervision, along with hoses and fountains to ramp up the excitement.

That’s the beauty of Dogtopia.  We strive not to be cookie-cutter.  We really get to know our pet parents and doggy clients, and that means that we know what will make them HAPPY.  Dogs at Dogtopia love coming here because they get to see their dog friends and they KNOW they’re going to have a good time, because we cater to them.  Your dogs well-being and happiness is out top concern.

doggy day care near me commerce twp mi
Doggy day care clients love our dog pool party!

Pet parents love bringing their dogs here because they know that we pride ourselves on being the safest, most professionally run doggy day care and dog boarding service in the area.  We’re a national franchise, with well researched, stringent guidelines on safety and professionalism.  When you take a tour of our facility, you’ll note that we have serious protocol in place to ensure the safety of our guests.  That extends to our play time, even our outdoor play time.  We monitor our doggy day care dogs careful for signs of heat stress, and supervise all interaction with water & pool time (some dogs are fearful of getting wet, and there’s always a risk of accidents around kiddie pools).  We’re not a free-for-all dog park, where dogs can clamber on eachother with little to no control in the environment.  Instead, we promote respectful, appropriate play – the kind of play ALL dogs enjoy.

If you’re planning a summer vacation, now is the time to contact us to ensure that we have room for your dog at our dog boarding.  Book early!  Pet parents reserve their spot months ahead because they so enjoy going out of town carefree, knowing their dog is safe and happy.  Your dog will get to play and exercise while you’re away, and might even get to have a pool party or two! If you haven’t stopped in for a visit or tour, we encourage you to do so as soon as possible so you can see the difference Dogtopia will make in your (and your dogs) life.