We’ve all been there- you’re enjoying a nice night watching Netflix (documentary or comedy, it’s your choice!), when suddenly you’re hit with that smell.  Your pup needs a bath, asap, and they’re looking at you with that face that says “good luck staying dry if you choose to go down this road tonight”.

At Dogtopia, we’ve heard your stories.  Condo and apartment dwellers seem to have it the worst, with tight spaces that need to be navigated to get their pup in the tub.  Even if you had a wide open luxurious bathroom, you might be one of those people who prefers a clean, dog-wash-smell free environment- and that’s something hard to avoid when you’re bathing Mr. Wiggles, your long-haired sheepdog.  There have been stories about dogs speeding out of the bathroom in glee, still suds up and dripping, and jumping on every piece of furniture in the house.  If that sounds like a nightmare, just imagine living through it (and with the aftermath)!

We have two solutions for you:  1.) call us and book a bath at our facility or 2.) drop in for a DIY dog bath!

Why it’s best to bring your dog in for a DIY dog bath

Pet parents tell us that they LOVE bringing their dogs to Dogtopia to take advantage of our DIY dog baths because it’s so much more convenient than washing their pup at home.

1.) First, we take care of the cleanup!  All that dog fur, dirt, and grime that would get all over everything and clog your tub?  Not your problem!  We wash and sanitize everything, and keep it sparkly clean and ready for the next pup and pet parent to use.

2.) It’s easy on your back and neck.  Pet parents like myself struggle with at-home washes because we have to lean over the tub, bending at the waist and wrangling our dogs.  At Dogtopia, we’ve made it easy to wash your dog- no bending required (unless you’re 6’9″ and really want to get up close to inspect your dog’s fur).  Our tubs are at waist height, and they have a convenient ramp to get your dog in and out- no bending and picking them up to get them in!  If you have a bad back or are prone to injury, you’ll know just how valuable this is.

3.) We have drying facilities there for you to use.  No dirty towels for you!  You can get your pup clean AND dry in no time!

So, why wait?  Call us if you’d like to schedule a dog bath, or pop in if you’d like to do it yourself!