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1977 E Murray Holladay Rd, Salt Lake City, Utah 84117

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I like the fact that we can watch our dogs at any time on webcam, and I love the fact that my dog and all the others I see exhibit activity (tail wagging, pulling on their leashes) when dropped off that indicate they can’t wait to get inside. I like the fact that the people who collect them from the cars address them by name and affectionate terms and that the dogs are so anxious to greet them enthusiastically as well. I like the fact that the dogs are placed in rooms based on their size and activity levels and that the floors in these rooms are rubberized so as to be easier on the dogs’ feet than cement would be, while still offering easy clean-up of “accidents.” I like the fact that each room always has a human supervisor to intervene if any dog exhibits inappropriate behavior. I also like the fact that baths and nail trims are available with a reservation. And I think the prices for all the services are quite reasonable.

I wish the dogs had access to spaces outdoors or indoors where they could really run all out and chase each other, but I can see that would require a much larger facility.

I appreciate how great the people who work there take a personal interest in Buddy’s well being. They are constantly coming up with fun ideas to interact with the pooches. Art and new treat ideas make it so much fun for Buddy and me too. They are always trying to accommodate Buddy and me.
I constantly recommend Dogtopia to everyone.

We love everything about Dogtopia Holladay! The supervision, the clean facilities, the emphasis on fun coupled with safety. We love being able to watch our dog on the live video feed. And what’s not to love about an exhausted and happy dog when you bring him home?!

It is personal, caring and focused on the happiness, health and well-being of my dog-Indiana!
Anne Marie McBroom

All the staff was super sweet and friendly to my dog and me. They made me feel comfortable leaving my dog and even called me during my dog’s first visit to give a little update. Safe, simple, clean facility. Great daycare option!

Friendly and helpful

When I dropped Samson off, I asked for him to get a bath the fat we picked him up from boarding and they did not do it 🙁 I don’t think she was paying attention because she didn’t note it down. I’m also bummed Samson has never been on your Instagram! I follow it pretty religiously and he was there 3 days last weekend.

I visited 2 other dog daycare options in Salt Lake, and everything about Dogtopia was better. Better and cleaner facilities, a better process for introducing my dog to the others, caring staff who showed me around and made me feel at ease that my small puppy would be cared for. I especially love that I can watch him live on the app. I’m very relieved to have an option for my 5 month old puppy that he enjoyed and feels safe!

Our pups love Dogtopia! Colt knows right where he is going right when he heads in the door. He’s excited to play. It takes Chewbacca a bit of time… but we know he is loved there.

Can tell the staff really enjoy working with the dogs

Dogtopia of Holladay

Dogtopia is the leading destination for dog daycare, boarding and spa services. Our mission is to make sure your four-legged family members are kept safe and have a fun time when they are at our modern, open-play facility.

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