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1977 E Murray Holladay Rd, Salt Lake City, Utah 84117

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You take good care of Scooter.

I feel like it’s a very clean, safe environment, and I like that the dogs have a retreat when they need a break (open, accessible crates in the playrooms), but when I signed up, I was under the impression that the dogs would be entertained in some way (played with, given toys, etc.). When I look in on my dogs, at any given time, it just looks like there’s 1 person standing in the room, just standing there most the time (though I do appreciate the constant supervision), and all the dogs (like 30) are just walking in circles. They seem bored, like there’s nothing to do other than climb on the little toys. They just walk in circles all day long, and occasionally play with other dogs. I would really love it if there were an outdoor dog run, though I understand why there isn’t. But that there’s not an out door area means all the dogs just relieve themselves all over the room that they’re playing in all day, which my dog won’t do, so she waits until pick up to go it seems. Designated, frequent toileting might be a decent idea, so they’re not expected to go to the bathroom on concrete and just all over the play area where they’re all rolling around. Seems like they’re well supervised, I just wish I felt like they were actually getting more attention, as they do in other boarding facilities I’ve taken my dogs to. But the people who run the facility seem very sweet and they seem to love dogs, which is a plus. Simply: Convenient location for me, safe for my dogs to go there, sweet staff, but they seem like they might get easily bored and don’t have a designated bathroom area (as far as I know).

Friendly staff, supervised activities, clean facility and flexibility!

My dog loves is here and I love how happy the staff always is to see her ♥️

Everyone is so sweet with my fur baby! He absolutely loves it there and I’m so grateful for it!

Everything! You guys are great!!

My Beans was cared for and looked after as if he were their own. Thanks guys for keeping him safe and loving him.

The staff is friendly and my dog is so excited when he gets to go there.

Loving attention from each staff member to my dog.

My Miniature Schnauzer loves spending my vacation time at Dogtopia. Also, I had a very delayed return flight over the holiday, and they kept in touch with me and stayed on Sunday evening until I arrived. Always a great experience. Highly recommend.

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Dogtopia is the leading destination for dog daycare, boarding and spa services. Our mission is to make sure your four-legged family members are kept safe and have a fun time when they are at our modern, open-play facility.

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