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We have gone to other dog daycares and Olive has the most fun with Dogtopia. She is alwasy excited when we drop her off. The coaches do a great job of monitoring play and giving attention to each dog. It is nice being able to see what she is up to during the day through the webcam. Picking her up after a day spent at dogtopia, she is very happy and we know she is having the best day when we’re at work.

Everyone was so friendly and the tour was great! Kishka had a great time and came home smelling wonderful (really… what IS that?)

Lovely canine coaches – really stay on top of things
Nice clean facility.

I took my four month old french bulldog pup, Molly, to Dogtopia after I saw other local puppy socialization and daycare classes either had an age cut-off or weight limit. I was super impressed by their meet and greet process and tour as soon as I arrived. Despite the unprecedented times, they had measures in place to make sure I felt comfortable leaving Molly there and hearing how she was doing. (My guilty pleasure is to watch from the webcams while I am at home working so I can check in on how Molly is doing, but she is always running around with her BFFFs and having the best time.)

Molly recently got spayed and took a trip to visit my family and so she was away from daycare for sometime, but now that she has been back, I can’t get her to leave the lobby when I pick her up! She LOVES the staff and needs to go back to say goodbye to them multiple times before we can leave for the day. She gets so excited when she sees we are driving to daycare and can hardly wait for me to open the door for her when we arrive.

I would recommend Dogtopia to everyone and anyone, especially if you have a new pup. The socialization and confidence Molly has learned has helped her immensely. The training that the staff has is great in intercepting behavior before it gets too out of control and doing calm down techniques and positive reinforcement – not punishment. They are also extremely sanitary and Molly always comes home smelling great, even if she had an accident in her crate at nap time. And on the days where I think she could use an extra wash, I book her for a spa day so when I come to pick her up from daycare she is fresh and clean and tired from playing all day.

I cannot recommend Dogtopia enough. The events, activities, staff, training, and personal touches are just great. If you are able to check it out, go go go! You and your pup will be so glad you did. 🙂

I loved my experience. Everyone is so knowledgeable and understanding. I was very nervous because my fur baby is a pit and everyone jumps into assumptions just because of his breed. However, Dogtopia was incredibly welcoming. I was also nervous because my fur baby jumps when excited and they reassured me that it is something they work on and are trained to curve. SO happy and grateful with my experience here. I would highly recommend Dogtopia!

They genuinely care about the pups

Wry friendly and caring staff! They love my girl Gigi. Gigi is always so excited when she knows where going to Dogtopia. I would recommend them 10%

The staff at Dogtopia are so friendly and helpful; you can tell they love dogs. I like that they offer bundles / passes for some discount. They have fun events to support local / animal related charities. Best of all, my dog loves going there.

Pleasant dog forward play school

i love how they took my deaf dog’s disability into consideration. i love how kind and patient the trainers and workers are, i feel like this is a safe, happy place for my dog to build his confidence, make friends, and get tired!

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