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4.9 Star Rating - 73 reviews

Service was personal, staff cared about our pup and wanted to make sure that she was comfortable, moving at a great pace during the meet and greet.

Very kind employees who were understanding about our situation. They did great with our shy and skiddish dog.

Appreciate that the daycare is clean and the staff are so attentive to detail. I love all the updates and webcam!

We love Dogtopia even more than our sweet Tucker does! Dogtopia is a fun and safe place for our pup and we love how much they love him! The staff is incredibly friendly and it is so much fun for to check in on how the day is going with the web cam. The theme days, activities, an attention to detail make this place special. Thanks for all you do, Dogtopia!

Web cams and report cards to monitor our per’s progress. Also love the hours and flexibility.

The best team ever!

I like how nice everyone is, I also enjoy the first day photo and report cards when I pick my dog up. Mostly I like that I can check on my dog through the apps live camera feed. There’s so many things I like about Dogtopia, I like how close it is to my house. I like how much thought was put into everything from the floor material to the daily activities with no potential for resource guarding. I like how there’s a spa for grooming if I need it for her. I haven’t found anything yet that I don’t like.

We loved Ariel’s “report card” after her first day. It was such a nice touch that we took a picture and posted it on our Facebook page. We saw her on the nest cam mostly chilling in the area without the group of dogs (we think, the visibility on our phones wasn’t great) – but we also saw the cleaning staff bend down to pet her every now and then and that warmed our hearts, to see the attention and reassurance. We can’t wait to drop her off again, the people who work here are so nice and so experienced!

people are very friendly and I know my dog is in good hands!

Everyone who works there is so friendly, caring, and helpful! My dog (who is very fearful) absolutely loves everyone! The place is very clean and my pup always comes back smelling nice! I feel comfortable leaving my dog for a few hours, a whole day, or even for a weekend away! When he was boarded the staff sent me pictures of my pup without me even having to ask!

Again, the staff is amazing and I would definitely recommend to anyone looking for doggie day care or boarder!

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Dogtopia is the leading destination for dog daycare, boarding and spa services. Our mission is to make sure your four-legged family members are kept safe and have a fun time when they are at our modern, open-play facility.

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