8th Ave – Nashville Pricing

Dog Daycare

Monthly Membership Packages

Top Dog $18.40/day or $552/month

Unlimited visits per month

Really Big Deal $29.60/day or $355/month

12 visits per month

BFFFs $32/day or $256/month

8 visits per month

Social $35.20/day or $141/month

4 visits per month

Benefits of Membership Include:

>> Monthly Nail Grind included
>> 50% off each additional dog from same family

Daycare Passes

20-Day Pass $37/day
10-Day Pass $38/day
Single Visit $40/day
Half Day $30

10% off each additional dog from same family

Dog Boarding

Standard Accommodations $55/night
Suite Accommodations $70/night

Boarding includes:
>> Daycare afternoon of drop off & morning of pickup
>> Overnight stay
>> Feedings and medication administered as needed

  • Please pick-up before 12pm to avoid additional daycare charges.
  • Members receive 50% off each additional dog
  • Non-Members receive 10% off each additional dog

Dog Spa

Prices may vary based on breed, size and condition of coat.

Full Service Spa

Under 25 lbs $40 ($20 bath only)
25-60 lbs $46 ($30 bath only)
60+ lbs $55 ($40 bath only)
Extra Hairy Dogs Ask for Quote

Our Full Service spa treatment includes bath with shampoo and conditioner, nail trim, teeth brushing, ear cleaning and blow dry.


Brush Out $10
Nail Trim $10
Nail Grind $15
Teeth Brushing $10
Ear Cleaning $10
Self-Service Spa (30 mins) $15
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