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1802 8th Avenue S., Nashville, Tennessee 37203

5 Star Rating - 181 reviews

I love your services. I tell everyone I know who has a dog about you!

We are greeted at the door and our pup is so excited to see the staff.

It smells really bad when entering the lobby. Some smell is expected with so many dogs, but it’s beyond that and makes me think there needs to be better cleaning and ventilation. The staff and the dogs shouldn’t have to breathe that all day!

Summer and Taylor are always so sweet, and I’m grateful for the enthusiasm and patience they have for the dogs.

Your staff!

Scooter’s been playing here since Covid. Quality of facility and team have stayed consistent. He feels well loved and it’s obvious he’s well cared for.

As always, y’all are amazing. The staff is the best!!

Dogtopia is the best! The team on 8th Ave. has been so good with my sweet fur boy, Bentley. Summer & Taylor and the whole crew really treat him like he’s their baby. With my family new to Tennessee, everyone has been so welcoming to us including a mob of allergies. Summer & Taylor has been so helpful in guiding me to a trusted vet for my baby’s allergies. Summer has also gone the extra mile to recommend home remedies to help my boy feel better until I can get him to the vet. I feel so lucky to have found them. I highly recommend Dogtopia on 8th Avenue in Nashville, TN!🐶😍

I love how easy drop off/pick up is, and I LOVE the staff! The staff has been so kind, easy to work with, and helpful.

My pup loves and gets so excited going here. I just wish a way to get him to play or run more while there. He doesn’t understand how to play with dogs so I find he just naps the whole time. Still getting some mental stimulation versus just laying at home alone all day.

Dogtopia is always responsive and they work to accommodate my hectic work travel schedule. They’re the sweetest staff.

Dogtopia of 8th Ave – Nashville

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