It’s no secret that the novel coronavirus that struck the nation early last year has drastically altered the way businesses operate. We want to explain the ways we are protecting our pet parents and their pups, while continuing to offer the best doggie daycare and boarding services around.

Curbside Service to Minimize Contact – At Dogtopia of North Austin, we provide our customers with the ability to simply pull up in front and drop off their pup without ever needing to leave their vehicle. Our team is prepared to assist you whenever you’re ready to drop off or pick up your fur-baby – simply give us a call, and a team member will not only take care of payment over the phone but have your pup taken from or brought to you in a timely manner.

Everyone Must wear a Mask in the Lobby – While our lobby does remain open for clients wishing to come inside, we do require that all pet parents wear a mask or face covering to prevent the spread of COVID. Our team members will always wear a mask in the lobby and do their best to keep a six-foot distance between themselves and pet parents. We also ask that if our lobby looks full during pick up time, please be patient and wait outside until we can clear the room. Behind the scenes, we are moving rapidly to bring the pups from the playrooms to their parents, and to get everyone on their way home.

Keeping the Lobby Sanitized – We recognize the importance of keeping the lobby clean and sanitary as customers come in. We clean and sanitize our lobby multiple times a day; the cleaning includes doors, counters, and the floor. We use human and pet-safe products for all sanitization.

Maintaining the Highest Level of Cleanliness in the Playrooms – As we have done from the first day we opened, we are constantly cleaning and sanitizing our playrooms. We use pet-friendly products to spot clean while the dogs are in open play, then complete a deep clean of the room once the pups are up for lunch and dinner time, ensuring that each playroom is deep cleaned twice a day. Each deep clean consists of heavy disinfecting and sanitizing procedures. We also use pet-friendly cleaners to constantly wipe down surfaces and disinfect playroom equipment. Our top priority is ensuring that the up keep of our facility remains top-notch in order to best service our pups and their pet parents.

Please do not hesitate to give us a call if you’d like information on our curbside service or have any questions regarding the practices we’ve put in place to help fight this virus. Only as a cooperating community can we continue to make progress!