Barrie Pricing


Pay as You Go

1 full day $48
1/2 Day $32

Up to 5 hours

Weekly Enrolments

Enrolment 1x Week $45 per week ($45.00/day)
All You Can Play (Unlimited) $69 per week
  • Enrolment Perks
    • The best rates
    • Preferred reservations
    • Easy and convenient




Per night $70

Discounts are available on multiple nights, additional discounts available when you are an enrolment member.  Call us for details!


Baths Starting at $35

Depending on size and breed

Nail, Trim and File $15
Stencils $5 or 3 for $10
Nail Polish $10

All of our baths include the use of top quality shampoos and conditioners, blow out and light brushing.


Full Groom Starting at $50

Depending on breed, size and condition of coat

Anal Glands $25
Face Trim $19
Face Trim Deluxe $30
Deshedding $20 - $30

We also offer full grooming services which include: a bath, blowout, 15 min brush out, body hair cut, sanitary trim, paw pad trim, nail trim and file, ear cleaning, natural finishing spritz, and a bandana or bow.


Please refer to our training section for a full list of programs and prices.

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