puppy day care bloomfield hills mi

Introducing a new puppy to your life and home is a magical time- the puppy breath, the boundless energy, and the rapid rate at which they learn is much like raising a human baby over a shorter period of time.  They’re cute, they’re fun, and they can get into a whole lot of trouble- making them an ideal candidate for puppy day care!

Puppies grow rapidly, and getting them involved in puppy day care can help to make them incredible adult dogs in the long run. Here are some of the top reasons pet owners in Bloomfield Hills cite for trusting their precious pups with our doggy day care team:

puppy day care bloomfield hills mi
Puppies are full of energy, and really benefit from puppy day care in Bloomfield Hills MI
  1. Puppy socialization sessions: most people who have a puppy are aware of the need to socialize them early and often to ensure that they’re able to handle stressful situations as adult dogs. For your average 9-5’er, it’s sometimes difficult to get around to socializing your puppy, especially as the late fall/winter months descend and you’re driving to/from work in darkness.  At doggy day care, your puppy will be able to socialize with other pups of a similar size and temperament in an open play environment- all while being under the watchful eyes of our team of trained staff, making sure that your little one is safe at all times.  Our open play environment is great for your pup to learn about appropriate doggy boundaries and behavior within the dog world, so that when they get older and encounter a strange dog they know how to politely engage with them.  Think of it as a fun, private preparatory school for your amazing pup.
  2. Keep them safe:  by bringing your puppy to daycare, they’ll be monitored throughout the day by trained staff members who will keep them safe.  You wouldn’t leave a toddler at home alone- why leave your puppy?  When puppies are left alone and uncrated at home, they have the potential to get into all sorts of trouble.  From one of our clients: “My puppy was locked in the kitchen while I was at work, and when I came home to check on her at lunch I noticed she looked guilty.  I couldn’t figure out why until I went into the fridge to grab some lunch- the fridge had no power because my sweet, innocent puppy had chewed through the cord in back of it!!  She could have been electrocuted, and I felt so guilty that I had left her there in a position where she could make bad choices.  I started bringing her to puppy day care in Bloomfield shortly thereafter.”
  3. Wear them out:  puppy day care with an open play environment is like a mixed combination of school and playground for your puppy.  Most puppies are full of energy, and they absolutely NEED to burn it off. If you’re not able to be at home playing with them all day, it’s a smart investement to send them to daycare to romp around with other pups of similar size and temperament.  Your puppy will love being able to run around our indoor and outdoor play areas at designated times, and you’ll love being able to check in on them with our awesome live web cams (see below) servicing each of our playrooms at all of our Dogtopia locations in Michigan.  A tired puppy is a well behaved puppy at home, and pet parents love being able to pick up a happy, relaxed pooch after a long day at work.

We welcome the opportunity to meet you and your puppy at our locations in Bloomfield, Utica, Birmingham, and Commerce!  For your pup’s safety and health, we do require certain vaccinations for those who participate in our puppy day care- contact us today to learn more and set up a time to tour the puppy daycare facility near you!