pet boarding in bloomfield hills mi oakland county

The holiday season is upon us, and with that comes a host of issues you need to be mindful of to ensure your best buddy is safe. And remember, if all the holiday preparations seem overwhelming for you, it’s likely a million times worse for your dog!  That’s why so many pet parents take advantage of pet boarding during the holidays.

Tips for a Safe Thanksgiving

  1. Keep Fido away from the human food!  Your pup would undoubtedly love all the food you cook, but that food isn’t good for him.  Stick to balanced dog foods, and keep your pup away from bones, chocolate, onions, garlic, and alcohol.  Fatty foods should also be on the avoid list.  Small treats of turkey and unsweetened pumpkin are ok for your pup, so feel free to sneak them a few bites of that!
  2. Mind the trash bin.  Dogs follow their nose, and because of that they’re apt to get into the trash to check out what the ‘leftovers’ are.  Stay sharp and watch to make sure they don’t, otherwise you might be taking a trip to the emergency vet!
  3. Keep them occupied with a toy or chewable.  While you’re cooking and greeting guests, it’s a smart move to give your buddy something to do to stay out from under foot.  Peanut butter filled Kongs are a great option for this – or make it festive by filling with canned pumpkin!
  4. Check their ID before guest arrive!  While people are entering and exiting your house, your dog has a perfect window of opportunity to make a break for it and run off for an adventure.  With that scary possibility, it’s a smart move to make sure that your pet has your contact info on their ID tags, and that they have their Oakland County registration up to date.
  5. Give them a getaway- or, better yet, send them to your favorite pet boarding kennel! Setting aside a safe room for your buddy to stay in while you entertain is a good choice, as it keeps him safe from getting into trouble around the house or accidentally getting out.  If you don’t have a safe place for your pup to stay away in your house, boarding is a great option!

Pet Boarding Options in Bloomfield Hills

pet boarding in bloomfield hills mi oakland county
Just some tips to keep your pup safe during Thanksgiving- and remember, use our pet boarding when you need extra supervision!
There’s a really simple answer for pet boarding in Bloomfield Hills – Dogtopia!  Your dog will love staying with us, especially

if they’re already familiar with our team and all the ‘regulars’ that come in for doggie day care.  If you haven’t already booked a meet and greet, we encourage you to do so as soon as possible!  Holiday dog boarding spots fill up FAST, so contact us earlier rather than later to guarantee your pup a spot.