keep your dog cool this summer at Dogtopia

Though Boise, Idaho is part of the Pacific Northwest, it can get very hot during the summer months. It’s essential to ensure that our dogs are comfortable and stay cool this summer. Dogs are susceptible to heat related illnesses and rising temperatures can pose a risk to their well-being. We often forget that our dogs can only sweat through a couple of small spots and can’t cool down like we do. Learn how you can keep your dog cool this summer with the following tips:


Just like humans, dogs need to stay properly hydrated to beat the heat. A general rule of thumb to follow is a ½ to 1 oz of fresh water per pound of body weight is what your pup should be drinking. Having a long day of fun in the sun could factor how much water your dog will need to drink. It is super important to always bring fresh water for your dog. The water at a beach, pool, lake, or any extra body of water may not be safe for your companion to drink. It may hold bacteria or chemicals that aren’t safe. Buying a portable dog water bowl makes the process a lot easier as well. They are typically collapsible and easy to clean. Additionally, try adding ice cubes to their water bowl or freeze treats like low sodium broth or fruits to provide a refreshing snack while keeping them hydrated.  This will ensure you keep your dog cool this summer!

Protect Those Paws!

Just a couple of minutes of hot pavement or asphalt can seriously hurt your dogs’ paws. An 85-degree day can raise the temperature of asphalt to 135 degrees! With temperatures that high it is highly likely your furry friend will get blisters and even permanent damage. The general rule of thumb is the “5 Second Rule”. If you can play with your hand or barefoot on the pavement and try touching the pavement for 5 seconds without pulling away. If it feels too hot and you pull away due to heat, it is too hot for your pups paws. It may sound silly, and your dog will feel silly at first, but getting a pair of booties is the best way to protect your pups paws. Just like us, shoes are the best way to protect against hot temperatures. You can also try pet friendly balm or wax, but it only may help for short periods of time due to it wearing off eventually. Additionally, we have a full blog post, The Effect of Heat on Your Dogs Paws, that we recommend visiting so you can learn more!

Seek Shade and Cooling Spots

When spending time outdoors with your dog, seek out shaded areas to provide relief from the sun’s intense rays. Boise offers many parks and natural spaces with ample shade. Such as, Ann Morrison Park, Camel’s Back Park, and Boise River Greenbelt. Plan your walks later in the evening or early morning. With temperatures being lower you don’t have to worry about your pups’ paws and overall heat exhaustion. It is important to also look for the signs of exhaustion and when it may be a good time to settle down under some shade.

Here are a few ways your pup might be telling you they need a break.

  • Excessive Panting
  • Whining or whimpering
  • Slower pace in walking, jogging, running, etc
  • Laying down or seeking shade

Luckily, Dogtopia of Boise-Greenbelt offers the ability for your furry friend to get all their energy out without worrying about the heat. Dogtopia’s facility is an all-indoor daycare and boarding facility that stays at a comfortable 70 degrees all day long.

Visit Local Dog-Friendly Establishment

Boise offers several dog friendly establishments where you and your fur baby can beat the heat together. Many restaurants and coffee shops with outdoor patios welcome dogs.

Just a some of many include:

Enjoy a refreshing drink or delicious meal while your dog relaxes by your side in the shade! Remember to bring fresh water for your dog so your pup can enjoy the experience with you.


With the scorching summer temperatures in Boise, keeping your dog cool and safe this summer becomes a top priority. By following these practical tips and utilizing the local resources available, you can ensure your furry friend enjoys the summer while avoiding heat-related issues.

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