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The dog daycare industry in Ontario is poised for an absolute explosion over the next 3-5 years. Dog ownership in Ontario is among the most prevalent in Canada, and dog parents spend some of highest per capita amounts on their pets in the country. Yet, pet parents do not currently enjoy access to an adequate range of options for dog daycare services. Unlike other areas throughout the United States and Western Canada, providers of dog daycare in Ontario are largely unprofessional, unorganized, and unaligned “one-off” businesses which are unable to offer the level of service that the Dogtopia concept provides. The presence of many potential customers with very few suitable service providers at this time makes the Dogtopia franchise opportunity incredibly exciting to anyone looking for a successful, fulfilling franchise opportunity.

In addition to a compelling and fertile market in which to operate, Dogtopia offers excellent levels of support and training in the establishment and ongoing operation of your new business in Ontario.  Franchise owner support is a key factor for any franchise opportunity, and in this area Dogtopia excels by utilizing the Regional Developer model to aid and assist in successful franchise expansion. The Regional Developers in Eastern Ontario are actively operating franchise locations in the market themselves, thereby offering a fundamental understanding of the challenges, requirements, and best practice procedures necessary for success. Unlike other franchise offerings, support is ongoing and local, which ensures an exceptional return on your investment.

With three locations currently operating in the GTA and at least three more projected to open by the end of this year, Dogtopia has already become the largest chain of dog daycare services operating within the province. This is just the start. Our business plan projects 50 individual facility locations to be open and operating in Ontario over the next five years, and there are currently some excellent territories available. The timing is right to become involved on the ground floor of this exciting, rewarding, and unique business opportunity. Check us out! Fill out our form to request more information or call 416-722-1716.

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