With the cold temperature snaps we have been having it can be hard to know what to do to alleviate boredom and extra energy in your dog. Of course we want to walk our dog several times a day everyday but when the mercury drops to dangerously low levels alternatives must be found!


  1. Food Dispensing Toys – such as rubber kong toys are a favourite go to. Stuff them with kibble, treats or peanut butter!


  1. Tug and Fetch/Monkey in the Middle – Grab a rope, stuffed animal/squeaker toy or even an old pair of sox and start playing. Spin in circles, toss down the hallway. This is a classic, simple game but also take note of the opportunity to enforce skills or new tricks. “Wait”, “Jump”, “Catch”, “Stay”, “Fetch”, “Release” are just a few of the invaluable skills you can teach or tune up whilst playing these games.


  1. Trip to the Store! There are several stores that now allow pets to be brought inside. Take advantage of the training and bonding opportunity while getting some errands done. Even if it is to the pet store for some more food or treats!


  1. Play Date – Invite a friend over with their pet, or go visit someone who loves your dog and is happy to have them over. Some families would love to have a dog but simply cannot and would be quite happy to have you and your pet visit for a playdate with the kids!


  1. Grooming – Grooming/brushing is an important part of owning a dog. Even a short haired one. Take the time to notice if there are any new skin tags or lesions or if your pet is experiencing any pain. Also check for matting which can happen more frequently in the winter as dogs are rubbed down with towels after wet and snowy walks. If you are uncomfortable grooming your pet or handling them with a brush ask your groomer, breeder or trainer to show you how!


  1. Doga – Kill two birds with 1 mat! Doga is a blend of dog training and yoga. Even your pet can reap the benefits of stretches, balancing and massaging. Keep warm and calm!



Of course we are always happy to welcome your pet for the best day ever in our indoor open play room! Look for theme days and special events like monthly birthday parties