Toys are not just toys, but tools for keeping our pet active and engaged. Playing with your dog and their toys is a great way to strengthen your bond and is mentally stimulating. Dogs can become bored easily and if they are full of energy they will channel that energy into destructive and disobedient behaviour. The combination of exercise and intellectual stimulation by playing fetch or frisbee is much better outlet for that energy than your sofa!

1. KONG Air Dog Squeakair Birthday Balls Dog Toy – Medium
A tennis ball combined with a squeaker toy! Available in packs of 3 or 9

2. Nylabone Galileo Natural Nearly Indestructible Bone –
Keep your dog’s teeth clean by using the strongest nylon bone out there.

3. Ethical Pets Sensory Ball Dog Toy –
5 sense experience with a sound bell & speaker, sight bright colours, beff scented and flavoured and multi texture surface.

4. Coevals Club Pet Dog Treat Slow Feed Ball –
This non-toxic rubber toy requires the dog to get between rubber thorns to reach etheir treats which is great for reducing dental plaque and tartar. Great toy and training tool.

5. Outward Hound Kyjen 31001 Hide A Squirrel Plush Dog Toy
The name is long, and so is the fun! 3 squeaky squirrels and a tree trunk allow you to play hide and seek with your dog. And gives the neighbourhood squirrels a chance to relax!