February brings Valentine’s Day and Family Day. With the feeling of family and friendship in the air it is a great time to explore ways you can volunteer with your pet!


  1. Therapy Visits – Many people are lucky to have loved ones and friends to celebrate and spend time with on these days, and many are not. Beat the winter blues and help others do the same by bringing your pet on a therapy visit. Retirement/nursing homes, home-bound neighbours, hospital patients.

Visit St. John’s Ambulance Therapy Dog Program for an introduction and more information!


  1. Pet Blood Donation – In 2016 the Canadian Animal Blood Bank moved into Southern Ontario. Your pet may be happy and healthy, so why not pay it forward by donating pet blood. One day your pet may need the help as well.

For more information visit http://www.canadiananimalbloodbank.ca/


  1. Walk/Race for Charity – As long as the temperature isn’t too cold!!! Get outside and join the walk/run/race for charity. A great way to get involved in the community with your pet, get some exercise, make a difference and meet new friends!


  1. Read a Dog a Book! Give children who are struggling with their reading a chance to practice with your furry friend as the audience! Therapeutic Paws of Canada has a Children’s Program that allows you to do just that with their Paws to Read program.

Contact your local leader for more information. https://tpoc.ca/programs/for-children/


  1. Foster a Pet – Give dogs an opportunity to get re-socialized and ready for their new homes by sharing your home. Staying in a shelter can be very hard on some dogs and they would be better suited to a home environment. Contact local shelters to find out what programs they have available.