There are many “doodle” types out there so we thought we would look at some popular ones!

Doodles are known as designer breeds. They are the outcome of poodles being crossed with other breeds. Usually other family friendly breeds. With designer breeds you do take on a bit of risk in not knowing what characteristics or health will present. But they tend to be very loving, loyal and affectionate dogs – not to mention cute!

Why breed doodles?

The original Labradoodle was bred in Australia in the early 1980s. A puppy-breeding manager at the Royal Guide Dog Association of Australia spent 2 years developing the Labradoodle to create an allergy free guide dog for a vision impaired lady whose husband was allergic to dog hair.

The idea of a hypoallergenic dog that could be bred by crossing other breeds with poodles resulted in the doodle explosion in popularity.

What kinds of doodles are there?

Labradoodle – is a Lab x Poodle. They come in 3 sizes – miniature, medium and standard.

Aussiedoodle – is an Australian Shepherd x Poodle – these dogs are bound to be high on intellence, energy and athleticism so a rigorous exercise and training program will bring out the best in this mix

Schnoodle – is a Schnauzer x Poodle – great watchdogs, they are likely to be bold but friendly, and very cute

Goldendoodle – is a Golden Retriever x Poodle – these large dogs are friendly and affable. They can be good guide dogs and family pets. They will require a significant investment in grooming to keep them from getting matted.

The trend towards doodles as designer breeds was spurred on by a theory that the poodle boat which is considered to have a hypoallergenic coat. By breeding the poodle with other popular breeds it is thought to create hypoallergenic cross breeds. This is not entirely true, as it is the dander, saliva and urine of the dog that triggers allergies not the coat type. These curly coated breeds are also considered non-shedding which is also a myth. They shed, it just gets caught up in the curls rather than falling straight to the floor.
Generally they tend to have great temperaments, and make good family pets. As with any dog exercise is very important to help stave off health problems as well as regular frequent professional grooming. Typically 4-6 weeks to keep your doodle’s coat in tip top shape!