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Treat your pup to some pampering in our luxury doggie spa facilities. Whether your dog just needs a simple treatment like a nail trim or ear cleaning, or if they require a full wash and blowout, our highly trained spa attendants will take care of all of your pup’s spa needs.

We offer a relaxing environment designed to keep your dog calm. Choose from our variety of professional spa services or take advantage of our self-service bathing stations if you prefer to bathe your dog yourself but don’t want to cause a mess in your home.

Dog Spa Services in Dulles

If you’re looking for doggie spa services in the Chantilly-Dulles area, look no further! We realize that caring for your dog’s hygiene is about more than just making them look and smell good; it’s also about keeping them healthy and happy with freshly clipped nails, cleaned ears, and brushed teeth. Our team will take the time to ensure that your dog remains comfortable and happy during their treatments.

You can book a separate spa visit, or add one of our treatments to your daycare or boarding package. Our doggie spa treatments include:

  • Shampoo and conditioner
  • Fluff dry and brush out
  • Nail trim (clip and/or grind)
  • Ear cleaning
  • Teeth brushing

Never again have to worry about clipping your dog’s nails too short or improperly cleaning their ears. Instead, leave it to the professionals! Our spa attendants will hold your dog still and keep them happy and calm during their time in our spa.

If you’re bathing your dog yourself in our self-serve tubs, we will show you how to use everything, offer a variety of products, and even clean up afterwards. Contact us now to book your dog’s next treatment.

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