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Chester Springs Reviews

50 Senn Drive, Chester Springs, Pennsylvania 19425

5 Star Rating - 245 reviews

Honest clean explained well but wasn’t happy being charged $15 for the 15 min tour and not told in advance there was a charge.

Friendly staff, caring and great with the dogs

Management is fabulous. Wonderful family owned business- At the top of their game in the way they handle all of their clients not only those with 4 legs but also their parents.

Extremely impressive facility – state of the art

Customer service was fabulous,.professional ,kind ,.friendly.
Staff members supers great and exceptional with the dogs.
Loved being able to watch on w cams.

Our dog seems to have benefited greatly from the socialization and comes home tired after only a half day session.
Convenient times and location for drop off and pick up.
Webcam is great way to see your dog in action during the day. Like the special activities outside.
The staff are always courteous, friendly, and attentive to both the dog owners and dog.
Can view pictures and captions of all dogs on Facebook

(This is a post a shared with my puppy training class this morning).
Good morning all, I wanted to share that this morning I dropped Zen off for his first day of puppy daycare (1/2 day I’ll pick him up at 12:00). I did some research and spoke to several places but I decided to go with Dogtopia in Chester Springs. I will admit I have used them before but with adult fosters that I have had. Never any problem with the adults and I am confident we won’t have any problems with Zen.

1. They do an evaluation of every dog before admitting them into their group rooms.

2. They have a maximum number of dogs each day so there is never overcrowding.

3. Each room is lined with crates so puppies have a place to escape and handlers have a place to time out if it is needed.

4. They have webcams in each room so you can peak in on your pup at any time. (I have been watching Zen for about 20 min and he is most interested in following the attendant around.) Not avoiding other pups but not engaging them either.

5. They give the dogs a two hour rest period were everyone is crated and lights are turned down so the puppies will chill.

5. The facility was nice and clean and the staff was great.

Just wanted to share some of the things I appreciated about them in case anyone else is considering puppy day care.

A tired Zen is a happy Michelle 😉

Friendly environment focused on the dog’s safety and socialization needs.

The ability to watch the activities on the webcam.

Dogtopia is great. They are very accommodating and my dog loves it there. They love the dogs and treat them very well.

Family owned – extremely clean! Web cam services and Nick even texted me a picture of my pup on her first day letting me know she was doing well!

Personal owner attention and involvement. Very clean facilities. Regular updates and communication. Workers that are invested and mature in handling our pets. Ability to adjust and focus on the required change caused by COVID19 to enable continued safe operation.

Dogtopia of Chester Springs

Since March of 2015, the family-run Dogtopia of Chester Springs has provided dog parents with a one-stop destination for dog boarding, daycare, spa services, and training.

Our daycare and boarding services are provided by a team of highly trained professionals who are dedicated to making sure that your dog has a safe and fun experience when they stay with us, whether it’s for a few hours at daycare or overnight.

We proudly serve dog parents in Chester Springs, Downingtown, Exton, Glenmore and the surrounding regions. We are also close to Eagleview, Byers Station and Marsh Creek State Park. There is plenty of parking available at our facility as well!

We are the proud recipient over 200 perfect reviews on Facebook, Google+ and Yelp.  We enjoy unparalleled loyalty from our customers, both two-legged and four-legged!

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